New Slack Workspace for PhD networking in CataLysis

New Slack Workspace for PhD networking in CataLysis

The CRC representatives of the four founding members of CataLysis came together for their first meeting on January 26, 2021.

They discussed on which levels networking and professional cooperation within CataLysis might be helpful and already established a common communication workspace on Slack.

They propose to establish a common event calendar within CataLysis to make the public events of each CRC known to the community. Additionally, they exchanged experiences with online social events.

Thanks to the attendees of the meeting for starting off networking activities on PhD level in CataLysis.

CRC 1333 Uni Stuttgart: Carolin Ai’Lan Dietrich, Katrin Gugeler
CRC/ TRR 247 Uni Duisburg/Essen: Anna Rabe
CRC 1073 Uni Göttingen: Cinja Seick, Kerstin Krüger
CRC/ TRR 234 Uni Ulm: Magdalena Heiland, Pascal Wintergerst
CRC/ TRR 234 Uni Jena: Carolin Müller