Prof. Dr. Sven Rau, CRC/TRR 234 „CataLight”

Prof. Dr. Sven Rau, CRC/TRR 234 „CataLight”

Spokesperson of CRC/TRR 234 „CataLight”
Ulm University
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry I


CRC/TRR 234 – Project A1, A4, B2

A1: Strategies for Molecular Repair and Self-regulation in Light-driven Catalysis for Hydrogen Evolution

A4: Covalently Linked Photosensitizer-Catalyst Dyads for One-step Materials Integration

B2: Integration of Photoredox-active Complexes in Redox-active Polymers for Light-induced Charging and Discharging by Additional Integrated Molecular Catalysts


Lecture Title: „CataLight – Light-driven Molecular Catalysts in Hierarchically Structured Materials”